Andrew Henry

Vice President, U.S. Operations and Industry Relations

UniglobeTravel International and Uniglobe Travel USA


Andrew Henry is responsible for business development, agency support and corporate sales development in the US, and manages the company’s global technology strategy and development. 

Henry works closely with Uniglobe’s preferred airline and other industry partners. Within the technology portfolio, he led the development of the Uniglobe Travel Companion app and the Uniglobe client portal.

Henry joined Uniglobe Travel International in 1995 as an operations project leader. His career includes roles in information technology and supplier relations at Uniglobe’s Vancouver headquarters and US regional office in Irvine, CA.

A subject matter expert in distribution, airlines, technology and the US travel agency segment, Henry has participated in numerous industry panels and trade and consumer media. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia.



Uniglobe Leadership Team

Uniglobe Leadership Team

Using their combined strengths in business development, technology, finance and operations, each member of the Uniglobe leadership team works together with agency owners to promote the business of travel and drive the Uniglobe mission:: To be the travel partner of choice in the SME market.

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