Connect with Comfort

January 30, 2019

For many travellers, the connecting airport process can be either a point of stress or boredom.  If the connection is short or the airport is difficult to navigate, you can feel rushed to make your next flight while missing a chance for a decent meal. If the connection is too long, you are faced with the challenge of how to occupy yourself for several hours.

On many itineraries, you have limited options as to where and how you connect. If you have the choice, we strongly recommend Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for connections in Europe.

For those with tight connections, Schiphol's single terminal design makes for seamless connections limiting the need to re-clear security. If clearing passport control is required, lines are generally efficient and there is a lane for those with short connections.

If you have time during your connection, Schiphol has several great ways to spend your time, in addition to the variety of quality restaurants and shops. In the area between Piers E and F, there is an airport library, a grand piano available for use and an outpost of the Rijksmuseum (the national museum of art of history located in Amsterdam), with collections from the Dutch Masters.

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