Martin Charlwood

President and Chief Operating Officer


Martin Charlwood heads the operations of UNIGLOBE Travel International from world headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Martin is a hands-on leader with extensive experience in corporate branding, marketing and franchise licensing. As a past franchise owner himself, Charlwood is tuned to the challenges and opportunities in running a small business as well as a global organization.

In addition to leading UNIGLOBE, Charlwood sits on the Board of Directors of the Charlwood Pacific Group of companies, which owns the master franchise rights to major brands in real estate, mortgage brokerage, and property management in Canada and Asia-Pacific.

Charlwood has been recognized by New York's Travel Agent Magazine as one of the industry's rising stars and featured in The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company. He is also a business mentor and active member of the Young Presidents' Organization, a highly regarded worldwide organization dedicated to forging better corporate leaders through education and idea exchange.

Charlwood, who holds a bachelor's degree from the University of British Columbia, has played a pivotal role in expanding the UNIGLOBE brand to new regions around the world and into new sectors of the travel industry. During his tenure as President and COO, UNIGLOBE has extended its reach into Germany, Italy, the Middle East, Southern Africa, India, China South America and Australia. Additionally, he and the UNIGLOBE senior management team have been pivotal in forging strategic alliances with global brands such as Amadeus, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and


UNIGLOBE Leadership Team

UNIGLOBE Leadership Team

Using their combined strengths in franchise development, technology, finance, customer service and training, they work together with UNIGLOBE franchisees and Global Partners to achieve the UNIGLOBE mission to be the leading and most dependable family of travel management companies in the world.

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